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23 01, 2016

Glassix® plus Radiopaque & Light-Transmitting Fiber Post


Glassix-plus -- Franklin Dental Supply
What is Glassix® plus (Nordin)?
Glassix® plus (NORDIN) is a glass fi bre-reinforced post. It is a non-metallic post with a modulus of elasticity similar to that of dentine. This minimises the risk of root fracture. The fracture resistance is higher than metal or ceramic. In contrast to the previous generation of posts, it does not contain any epoxy resin, which is completely unsuitable for adhesive luting.

Why Glassix® plus (Nordin)?
Glassix® plus (Nordin) has a wide range of valuable properties:

  • Optimal radiopacity.
  • The glass fibres in the post, which transfer the light, guarantee transmission of the polymerising light over the entire length of the post.
  • The modulus of elasticity is similar to that of dentine.
  • The flexural resistance has been increased.
  • The design of the Glassix® plus (Nordin) post provides optimal anchorage and superior adhesive
    bonding in the root canal.
  • A conical shape adapted to the root canal.
  • A spiral-shaped design guarantees mechanical retention, without having any weak spots and a consequent increase in the risk of fracture.
  • The escape channels ensure reliable removal of excess luting cement.
  • The spiral-shaped structure provides rotational security.

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